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Do you feel unsure about smiling when you think your teeth aren’t the perfect set of pearly whites? We offer C Fast Orthodontic Brackets in Cheadle Hulme, Manchester – speak to us today.

With Cfast Orthodontic Brackets, you can expect the following attributes:

  • It can straighten your teeth in just six months in the Manchester area.  
  • Since we can treat you within a short period of time, we at Cheadle Hulme, Manchester can afford to significantly reduce the cost of your dental treatment.
  • We at Manchester can assure you that the teeth straightening process will be discreet, without any visible wires and brackets.

Learn more about Cfast Orthodontic Brackets from us, here in Cheadle Hulme, and know how to it can help you achieve your dream smile.

Before/After C Fast Orthodontic

Cfast Orthodontic Brackets is a minimally invasive treatment that will straighten the six teeth on the top and bottom. It works gently even as it tries to level and create round arches. This could be the biggest reason why our patients love this cosmetic orthodontic treatment.

Cfast Orthodontic Brackets also remains discreet because it uses nickel-titanium wires and brackets that are of the same colour as the natural teeth. It is like wearing clear aligners, but they work twice as fast and the results are easily foreseeable.

The nickel-titanium wires are responsible for moving, levelling, and aligning your teeth with their applied pressure. But the good thing about it is that your gums won’t hurt. Over time, the gingival will move as led by the wires to give you straighter teeth.

Cfast Orthodontic Brackets is the ideal orthodontic treatment for adult patients who are looking for a gentle yet affordable and effective treatment that could improve their smile. Although you can’t use this treatment for major dental problems, Cfast Orthodontic Brackets works impressively fast, hence its affordability when compared to other orthodontic solutions.

Cfast Orthodontic Brackets gives quicker results than the typical orthodontic treatments because it works mostly on the six top and bottom teeth, which mainly shape the way you smile. It also helps that it uses nickel-titanium wires, which apply enough amount of pressure to move the teeth cautiously but effectively without hurting you. Our professionals at Cheadle Hulme will provide the best possible treatment.

Even if you have the wires and brackets on, no one will immediately notice that you are on Cfast Orthodontic Brackets treatment because of their natural colour that blends perfectly with the rest of your teeth. They also work fast, so you only need to wear them for a much shorter period of time than your typical braces.

Here at Cheadle Hulme, Manchester, Cfast Orthodontic Brackets still follows the standard orthodontic mechanics, but the fact that it only focuses on the “six social teeth” dramatically reduces the force that it applies to your teeth and gums. The special nickel-titanium wires only needed minimal pressure to align the teeth, not the usual painful severe tightening used by conventional dental treatments.

Before/After C Fast Orthodontic

Dr. Biju Krishnan created Cfast Orthodontic Brackets in 2009. He graduated from Dundee University in 1993 and joined ssgeneral practice for years, after which he proceeded to honing his skills in Oral Surgery in 1999.
Dr. Krishnan launched Drake Dental Care in 2002 and Lubiju in 2008. With his latter practice, he specialised in advanced surgical, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures.

Lubiju was recognised as Scotland’s the Best Specialist Practice and as the East Scotland’s the Best Private Practice. He also has the honour of being one of the top dentists in Scotland during the recent Dentistry Awards.

How it works?

C Fast Orthodontic

Cfast Orthodontic Brackets labial is a unique orthodontic procedure in that it focuses on straightening the six front teeth, giving fast and effective results in as short as eight weeks. By cutting the treatment period short, this also lowers the price for you.

It may not work the same way that conventional orthodontic treatment does, but it corrects what is called the “social 6,” referring to the front teeth, using simple alignments. Make sure your dentist is an accredited Cfast Orthodontic Brackets dentist.

C Fast OrthodonticOur Manchester treatment involves the use of clear brackets and nickel-titanium wires of natural teeth colour. This kind of discretion during the procedure makes Cfast Orthodontic Brackets one of the hugely in demand treatments around the world these days.

Although it might seem like Cfast Orthodontic Brackets works with clear aligners, its effect on your teeth alignment are much more predictable. Results may show within two months, but the procedure will be completed at Cheadle Hulme, Manchester within five to six months.

Cfast Orthodontic Brackets is not only discreet in terms of its appearance. It does not affect the way you eat or speak at all, making it even more ideal to use among adult patients. Even famous people used it without being caught wearing wires and braces.