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A smile is the cheapest transformation anyone can have.

Your smile can communicate your confidence, your dreams, and your wishes. With Invisalign, you can certainly have that dream smile without spending too much for it. You might not think that such a small change in your teeth can have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance.

Invisalign is mainly used to straighten the teeth using clear and removable aligners that are custom-made to suit your teeth. You have to be fitted with a different set of aligners every two weeks to accommodate the movement of your teeth until they are all in the right position. With each week, your teeth will change until they find themselves in the position that you and your dentist projected for them.

Invisalign is a popular treatment because it is comfortable, removable, and completely discreet. It can drastically change your smile without affecting the way you talk, speak, or laugh. These are the things that endeared Invisalign to its 2.5 million users around the world. We offer Invisalign in Manchester and Cheadle Hulme – consult with us today so we can schedule a treatment plan.

Khadija’s story

Before/After Khadija’s Invisalign story

I’d developed a complex about my teeth. My front teeth stuck out and my jaw was too small, which meant that I hated smiling. I looked into treatment options and decided Invisalign was the perfect choice for me. Because they’re nearly invisible, I was able to carry on living my life without being self-conscious – people didn’t even know I was wearing them.

Marie’s story

Before/After Marie’s Invisalign story

I had been conscious of my gappy smile for as long I could remember and really wanted to do something about it. But, as a teacher, I’m under the constant scrutiny of young children, so as you can imagine, fixed braces just weren’t an option for me.

Clare’s story

Before/After Clare’s Invisalign story

When my sister told me she was getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid I was equal parts thrilled and terrified. I was dreading the pictures – all those people looking at my crooked teeth. On such an important day, I really wanted to look my best and be able to smile with confidence, without worrying about my teeth.

Davide’s story

Before/After Davide’s Invisalign story

I wore metal braces as a child. I found they were really uncomfortable, made me very self-conscious and I don’t believe they made much difference to my teeth. The turning point was when my aunt introduced me to Invisalign – it was amazing to see how, with Invisalign’s computer treatment software (ClinCheck), my teeth would be expected to straighten over time. 





More About Invisalign

Invisalign may straighten your teeth without the typical visible, bothersome, and uncomfortable metal braces. This dental system uses a 3D computer imaging technology that shows you the entire treatment plan right from the start. You will see the current position of your teeth and where each one will be located once the treatment is completed. The dentist will fit you with different sets of invisible aligners that are moulded after your teeth to get them moving from their current position to a more aligned one. Each set of aligners must be worn for two weeks and must be replaced after this period until the predetermined position of your teeth is realised. The dentist will determine the final position of your teeth, depending on your dental needs.

Top Advantages

This treatment is mainly beneficial because it works discreetly using its clear aligners. It uses invisible braces, making you less self-conscious about your teeth. You may still deal with other people knowing that they might not easily notice that you are wearing aligners.

Another advantage in using Invisalign is that it is easily removable. This means that you can take the aligner out when you eat or drink. You can also brush and floss without a bother, allowing you to maintain proper oral hygiene. We strive to provide you Invisalign in Manchester to the highest standards.

Invisalign does not use metal wires or brackets, unlike with conventional braces, so you will not deal with a painfully irritated mouth. As there are no wires or metals that need adjusting, you can get out of the dentist’s chair much faster.

With the help of the 3D system, you can see what will happen during your treatment, how it will adjust your teeth, and what will happen after you’re done with the treatment. Invisalign is used by over 1,000,000 patients around the world, and counting.

How It Works

Just like how wires and brackets move your teeth, the aligners also use force to move your teeth. But it does more than that because it also times the application of pressure on your teeth. The process is divided into different stages, during which only a few selected teeth will be moved. The movements and their timing will depend on the treatment plan created by the dentist.

Materials and Appearance

The clear aligners are of thermoplastic materials that are customised for this treatment plan. They look like those over-the-counter tooth whitening trays. They are exclusively fitted for you and will only move your teeth in a way that your dentist has planned them to.

No Bisphenol-A (BPA) Content

The aligners and their Vivera retainers do not use Bisphenol-A, also called phthalate plasticizers. Instead, they contain USP Class VI medical grade polyurethane resins with a high molecular weight. They were tested for biocompatibility and they passed the test as well as the regulatory requirements and all the requirements for dental wear. But it is recommended that you still consult with your dentist or any health professional regarding your aligners and retainers to minimise or avoid any risk.

Can It Correct Shifted Teeth?

Patients who used to have braces and now have shifted teeth may use Invisalign to correct them. This time, they won’t need to wear metal braces that could lead to social awkwardness. Can I Replace My Braces with Invisalign?

There are more cases now that need the use of both braces and Invisalign. Ask your dentist about this to find the most suitable dental treatment for you.

Will It Change My Way of Speaking?

In the first few days of wearing aligners, you might notice something different with your speech, or a lisp that might last for up to two days. However, it only takes getting used to for your speech and mouth to go back to normal.

Can I Eat Like Normal While Wearing It?

It is fortunate that there are no restrictions in your diet while you are under this treatment because you can simply remove the aligners when you eat or drink. You can still eat your favourite foods without worrying about hurting yourself. However, it is a must for you to brush your teeth after you eat and before putting the aligners back on for proper oral hygiene.

Will the Aligners Be Affected by Smoking?

It would be better to avoid smoking while you are being treated using these aligners to avoid staining them.

Is Gum Chewing Allowed with the Aligners On?

Just like with anything, gum will stick to your aligners. It would be best to remove them before eating or drinking anything.

Does the Aligners Hurt?

The aligners are preferred for their minimally invasive work in moving your teeth. However, there are some patients who said that they experienced discomfort during the first few days of wearing the aligners, but that it disappeared over time. You will likely feel the discomfort due to the pressure exerted by the aligners. It also shows that your aligners are doing their job of moving your teeth. Just bear it for a few days.

Cleaning Your Aligners

Follow the instructions in using the cleaning kit, which you can buy from the As an alternative, you may also brush and rinse your aligners using lukewarm water.

Wearing the Aligners

The aligners can give optimal results if you wear them for 20 to 22 hours each day. They should also be removed when you eat, drink, brush and floss.

Dentist Check-up

You must visit your dentist regularly, or about once every six to eight weeks. These checkups will monitor the movement of your teeth and whether they are following your treatment plan.

History of the Company

Invisalign was developed and marketed by Align Technology, Inc., which has been in the business since 1997.

As Classified by The FDA

The FDA has classified these aligners as Class II medical devices. Align Technology, Inc. has been an FDA 510K clearance holder since 1998, giving them the authority to sell and promote Invisalign in Manchester and Cheadle Hulme.

Duration of the Treatment

The treatment will last depending on the severity of your dental problems, which your dentist will check. But in most cases, the treatment will last for 12 months.

What to Expect After the Treatment

The effect of this treatment varies from one patient to another. In some cases, the dentist might recommend the use of a conventional retainer or positioner. There are patients who also need to wear a clear plastic retainer, such as the Vivera Retainer from Align Technology. Talk about this with your dentist.


Any patient will be concerned about the cost of the dental treatment. However, only your dentist can estimate the cost of the Invisalign system, based on the level of treatment that you need, the extent of your dental issues, the duration of the treatment, your area of residence, and the other factors checked by the dentist.


The medical benefits covered by insurance vary from one policy to the next. Check your insurance coverage first. However, most policies that include an orthodontic coverage usually cover the treatment the same way they cover conventional braces.